How We Work

For purchasing an existing design from our web site.

  • Order is placed online
  • Rhinestone design is populated on a transfer mask
  • Mask is place on shirt
  • Design is heat pressed on the the shirt
  • Shirt is packaged and shipped USPS

Custom Orders

  • Contact Michael at with your ideas and a photo or image of what you would like turn into a rhinestone design
  • I will contact you via email, phone or text letting you know if I can create your idea in rhinestones
  • If you want text on the shirt, I will send you some sample fonts to choose from (unless you know the font that you want)
  • I will send you a sample of the detail that I am going to get with the rhinestones. This is usually a jpg of your image, run through a posterization filter that changes the photo into 2-6 colors for the rhinestones. There will be 10-12 circles on the image that represent the rhinestones. This will be your first Design Approval.
  • One the first Design is approved. I will finish designing the rhinestones for shirt.
  • Once the rhinestone design is approved we will cut the templates out with our vinyl cutter.
  • We will populate the rhinestone colors in the appropriate template to create a rhinestone mask
  • The Rhinestone mask will be pressed on the shirt and sent out to you.