Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Can I purchase just the rhinestone design and press it on my own garment? 
A – Yes. 

Q – Can I purchase a rhinestone design on a special order shirt?   
A – Yes.  Additional cost and processing time is required. 

Q – Can I send you my garment to have the rhinestone design press on it?
A – Yes. 

Q – Can I personalize a rhinestone design?
A – Yes for an additional cost.  Contact us with you idea. 

Q – Do you make custom rhinestone t-shirts?
A – Absolutely. Email us your log, photo or napkin and we will give you a price. 

Q – Do you offer volume discounts?
A – Yes. Contact us with you quantities. 

Q – Can I have a Rhinestone template created and purchase the rights to own it and produce it myself?
A – Yes.